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Cyprus , Friday 23 February 2018

News Cyprus » Kyrenia District: Ethnic Turks. Resettling. In Greek Area of Cyprus

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Publication date: Friday 01 November 1974

KYRENIA, Cyprus, Nov. 1—Turkish Cypriotes are resettling in large ... Girne is the Turkish name for Kyrenia, and Mersin is a district on the Ttirkish mainland, only 40 miles away. Turkish‘money is used in the few shops that are open.

News Cyprus » Kyrenia District: No hegemonic peace in Cyprus

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Publication date: Saturday 05 April 2014

They did not live in the Kyrenia district and the Karpass or Morphou regions ... can do away with the fact that the obstacle to peace in Cyprus is the offensively deployed 40,000 Turkish NATO trained and US supplied occupation army and not the alleged ...

News Cyprus » Kyrenia District: Exchange of land records: a win-win CBM

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Publication date: Saturday 10 October 2015

Under the Famagusta and Kyrenia District Lands Offices (temporary provisions) Act, 44 of 1984, temporary records for these two districts were created. As expected, these records contain several inaccuracies, like non-declared or disputed properties ...

News Cyprus » Kyrenia District: Secret deals in Cyprus that gave Asil Nadir big break

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Publication date: Wednesday 22 August 2012

But it has since emerged his big break may have come as a direct result of the Turkish invasion of Cyprus in 1974. Nadir was born in northern Cyprus in 1941, the son of a modest Turkish Cypriot businessman, and grew up in the Agios Loukas district of ...

News Cyprus » Kyrenia District: The quiet side of Ayia Napa

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Publication date: uesday 14 May 2013

Of course, the majority who have been will have no idea where Ayia Napa actually is, but that's what breakfast lagers, fishbowl cocktails and free shots in every bar do to you. Ayia Napa has a reputation as the party capital of Cyprus. The third- largest ...

News Cyprus » Kyrenia District: Polls to open across Cyprus for 2016 municipal elections

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Publication date: Friday 16 December 2016

All citizens of Cyprus and permanent residents ... Paphos, and Kyrenia - will be taking place alongside the elections for council leaders. Famagusta is designated a partly occupied district while Kyrenia falls into territory which is designated completely ...

News Cyprus » Kyrenia District: The other side of Cyprus: Splendid isolation and great value for money in North Cyprus

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Publication date: uesday 24 September 2013

I flew in to Larnaca, in the south. The transfer to Kyrenia, North Cyprus' main resort, took 75 minutes and crossing the border was quick and hassle free. If you decide to travel to North Cyprus, you'll be glad you made the effort. Thanks to its political ...

News Cyprus » Kyrenia District: Travelling between Cyprus and Turkey

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Publication date: hursday 14 June 2012

My wife and I are visiting family in southern Cyprus in September. We would then like to travel to Kyrenia in northern Cyprus, and fly to Bodrum before returning to Britain. We have already booked our one-way flight to Cyprus, and our return flight from ...